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Improving our service and your health every day

STARMED Hospital, located in Sauk, very close to Tirana, was opened in 2008 and since then, our mission has been quality medical service tailored to your individual needs. Originally a lab, imaging and medical consultation, we quickly became an open door to the Sauk community and built strong relationships with our patients by providing quality examinations and visits with specialized physicians with excellent professional reputations.

We expanded our activity every year, based on two essential principles; continuous improvement of the service and providing the best medical care by investing in the latest technology, the most specialized doctors and a team of dedicated nurses and today, STARMED Hospital, is one of the most popular polyclinics which receives and treats patients from all over Albania, and even abroad, becoming the first accredited polyclinic in Albania since 2019.

Now we are an examination and diagnostic center of the highest standards, embracing the initiative of the Ministry of Health for a quality medical service and offering medical treatment with over 20 departments such as Cardiology, ENT and Ophthalmology, Neonatology, Oncology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Endocrinology, etc.; with laboratory and imaging with modern equipment, as well as with a very professional dentistry clinic.

Driven by our desire to always be by your side for any health need, we now provide emergency service in daily aesthetic and functional surgery, in ENT and Ophthalmology - performed by specialist surgeons with many years of experience.

We will never stop looking for the best solutions for the health of each of you. Our patients, whom we have followed for years and generations, are proof of the high professionalism and warm human relations that constitute the foundation of our work ethic.




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