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The best specialists in their fields united to offer you the best thanks to many years of experience.


21 Departments at your service to solve any health problems.


We offer all laboratory testing to make the most accurate diagnosis for every illness.

“We care for your most valuable asset – Your Health”

Situated between Tirana and Elbasan, STARMED Hospital is your healthcare home that has been taking care of your wellbeing for 15 years thanks to a qualified staff with many years of experience, and the latest of technology, offering stability, longevity and security!

Our Services


Complete pregnancy monitoring, follow-up of high-risk pregnancies, treatment of any gynecological problem, treatment of tumors of the female reproductive organs and menopausal disorders.


Examination of the source of pain through the latest technology in the field of ultrasound diagnosis with high image quality and very high sensitivity.


We provide full diagnosis and follow up on any cardiac problem thanks to the most advanced medical devices and the professionalism of cardiologists.


The surgery department allows you consultations through the participation of the oncology staff, and safe surgical interventions with the best specialists in the country.


We offer a wide range of ophthalmic examinations and surgical interventions, making it possible to cure all eye pathologies with modern techniques.


Complete diagnosis and treatment of respiratory diseases such as:
• bronchial asthma
• saccordiosis
• pulmonary fibrosis
• pulmonary disease


For our youngest patients, the pediatric service team takes care to offer a quality service, accurate maternal examinations and their hospitalization.


Every road to your oral health care brings you to the Tre STARMED Hospital. Experience, advanced technology and the best medical methods restore the light to your smile.

Feeling turned into vision!

The harmonization of the best doctors and equipment to diagnose and solve any of your health problems.

Giving Solutions to Health Problems 100%
Quality Service 100%
Satisfied Patients 100%

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