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Dr. Stela Taci, Gastro Hepatologist and Endoscopist specialized in Gastro Hepatology at the Faculty of Medicine in the period 1999-2003.
After this period, Dr. Stela worked as Gastro Hepatologist at Lushnje Hospital.
During 2007-2009, he held the position of general director in the Directorate of Public Health in Lushnje.
From 2010 onwards, he works at the Mother Teresa Hospital Center as a Gastro Hepatology Specialist and Endoscopist in this institution and has also defended the title of Doctor of Medical Sciences.

Throughout this period, Dr. Stela Taci has been active in numerous trainings at home and abroad in ultrasound, endoscopy and contemporary disease treatment protocols in the field of Gastrohepatology. For these reasons dr. Stela Taci is an added value with her collaboration for StarMed Hospital.