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We are dedicated to treating, and ultimately preventing, all complications of premature birth. Our expertise spans from fetal diagnosis and therapies across the spectrum of newborn conditions to essential long-term follow-up. Our team of rigorously trained neonatologists, provide around-the-clock treatment for newborns, using the most up-to-the-minute medical therapies and technologies which address the medical, nutritional, and developmental needs of each patient. Our unique approach provides the most advanced, comprehensive BPD care while improving outcomes. Our clinic offers advanced diagnostic, treatment for families facing complex birth defects. We are devoted to improving neonatal outcomes for most fetal complications while supporting you along the way. Dedicated to improving outcomes, our expert team focuses on personalized, feeding management strategies based on the latest clinical research.

We conduct the appropriate tests in order to thoroughly understand and identify problems.

Bronchoscopy is the examination of the main airways of the lungs using a flexible tube. It helps assess and diagnose lung problems, assess blockages, take samples of tissue or fluid, or help remove a foreign body.

Complete Blood Count (CBC) A CBC count is a measurement of size, number, and maturity of the different blood cells in a specific volume of blood. Universal Newborn Hearing Screening All newborns must have a hearing screening before they are discharged from their birth hospital. A hearing screening is a way to assess a baby’s “risk” for hearing loss. It is important to check hearing, as hearing loss is the No. 1 birth defect.

APGAR Scoring The Apgar score helps find breathing problems and other health issues.

The electroencephalogram (EEG), is a test that records the electrical activity of the brain.

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